mercoledì 24 novembre 2010

Thursday 25th 2010 1.00 pm slt 2Lei: Second Life against the violence against Womand

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Thursday 25th 2010
At 1 pm - the 2Lei tour will start from Tanalois where you can admire the works of many artists in SL who have represented the woman from several points of views.
At 1.30 pm - we will move to CSW Island where a theatral piéce will be performed.
At 2.00 pm - at Arte Libera we will be immersed in artworks by an artist and touched by the words of some writers and poets .
At 2.30 pm - we will move to 2lifephotos to immerse ourselves in the photographs of many artists accompanied by an Italian vocal duet.
At 3 pm - we will be at the gallery PAD for a tribute to female beauty.
At 3.30 pm - we'll fly to SaliMar for diving into a musical art installation.
At 4:00 pm - we will be at The Knot to immerse ourselves in an art installation.
At 4.30 pm - we will meet at WDT Planet for final greetings hoping that all that you have experienced today has touched you and spoken to your heart.

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