giovedì 14 febbraio 2013


More than one billion women have been raped or beaten in their lifetime.
This is an estimated considered asbolutely true.
For this reason One Billion Rising, a global organization active in many countries proposed on Valentine’s Day and in occasion of the V-Day 15th anniversary an event that become an unique voice of protest, a strong complaint shared and partecipated to say : STOP !
Stop with violence on women, stop with the deneal of civilization minimal rights, stop to those men who continue to rape, injure, impose any form of physical and psychological violence to women.
Stop will be our scream without doubts…that the good part of humanity must share anywhere.
In this day, Feb 14th 2013, women and men will dance together all over the world to the tune of “Break the chain”.
It will be an event of denunciation and condemnation of those who inflict harassment, deneal of dignity even to death.
But also an event of solidarity and love to those who suffer.
All this takes place in the streets, in front of schools of many cities in the world, where people join this dance that is both full of anger and love.
2Lei, a Second Life’s  italian group, decided to attend the One Billion Rising event through initiatives and events to raise awareness of virtual community involving people in the metaverse.
2Lei presented its project officially entering in the global program of this event.
On feb 14th we will dance in five virtual squares wearing shirts, brooks, caps and other gadgets.
Come and dance whit us…come and say stop violence on women…its another opportunity to give meaning to your Second Life.
2Lei and One Billion Rising (see attached program) will start with a meeting in a land, on Feb 14th, at 1pm slt.
There, Viviana Houston, performer and Dj, will talk with some of the people involved in the project, she will sing for us and will lead radio streaming sending out “Break the Chain”.
After that we will move in the other lands to have fun together.
In this initiative of love an SL Guest Star and his supporters, lovers of the King of Pop and his message for humanity will be with us.
That’s why we say thank you to MICHAELJakson Follet and his friends.
Heartful thanks to the lands, owners and staff involved too : Antipatik Station, Italian Lesbian, Napoli la terra dei matti, Pescara centro, MJJ Kingdom and MBI (safe land in which you will find the live video streaming by Pyramid Cafè TV).
As much as never before,  Michael Jackson’s words have an absolute value…
“Break the chain…Make that change”

Event Schedule:
Performance: Viviana Houston and  MICHAELjackson Follet

Performance: Viviana Houston

2.00 pm NAPOLI
Performance: Viviana Houston

2.20 pm PESCARA
Duet Viviana Houston & Giulia Elton

2.40 pm MJJ Kingdom
Perfomance : Viviana Houston

Safe Land:
MBI - Master Builders Italy

Live Streaming Video: Pyramid Cafè TV

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