venerdì 22 febbraio 2013

Female archetypes @ COLORE Art Gallery - last few days

Last few days to visit
 "Female archetypes":
a journey into the world of women through characters from mythology and the Bible 
sharing a common fate of having been overwhelmed 
by Love,
 according to the creativity of Gioelececed ( Jinny Silvershade in Second Life )

She exhibits some pics about female archetypes, from Greek myth and Bible. Figures as Medea,
Ariadne, Calypso, Atalanta represent women overcome
 by the inevitable strength of Love.
Some of them ( Medea, Ariadne ), are betrayed by their "heroes":
 the Barbarian magician MEDEA takes her atrocious revenge on Jason
( killing the two children she'd had with him ),
enslaved by her own passion. ARIADNE, deserted by Theseus, gives herself up to despair,
but Dionysus, the God of ecstasy, will save her.
The nymph CALYPSO has to leave Odysseus whose fate is coming back home to his faithful wife. ATALANTA, the independent virgin, overcome by the power of Love, surrenders.
EURYDICE, a beloved wife, is not able to rise from the dead, just because of her husband Orpheus' curiosity and impatience.
MEDUSA is punished for her pride: she's changed into a terrifying monster, because she has made love to a God ( Poseidon ).
Last but not least, EVE, the Mother of mankind, commits the first pride sin, for love' sake.

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