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2Lei 2013 Events Calendar

All events on the Pyramid Cafè TV livestream channel:

Monday, november 18th

- 1.30 PM SLT Opening 2Lei2013 Edition

- 2.30 PM SLT Photos for 2Lei 2013 Expò

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Tuesday, november 19th

- 1.30 PM SLT “REGAINING FREEDOM” 3D Art exhibition by Kicca Igaly with Machinimas by various artists.  Gallerie Artemis

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Wednesday, november 20th

- 1.00 PM SLT "LIBRIAMO TUTTI FOR 2Lei: FREEDOM... FREEDOM'?" (reading in Italian language)

- 2.00 PM SLT “DUETS IN ART @ tKF” 30 3D artists and photographers have created works drawing inspiration from the Italian and international songs chosen ad hoc by Viviana Houston, that in duets with 16 singers will play the selected songs. Carmen Auletta takes part in this event with her poem "Man"

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Thursday, november 21st

- 1.30 PM SLT L’Arme d’Amour presents “LIBERE” - one-act play by Cristina Comencini, actors Lora Lowenstark and Viola Tatham.

-2.30 PM SLT Debate by Eviana Robbiani 

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Friday, november 22nd

- 1.00 PM SLT  I.L.A.for 2Lei: visual and informative itinerary on Italian associations about violence problems (telephone numbers, news, contacts), and a Paola Mills’ contribution themed.  

- 1.30 PM SLT “Kenyan Women portraits: the Future of AfricaPhoto Exhibit  dedicated to international project Harambee Gwassi-Kenya (Brownsea Foundation NGO)

From 2.00 PM SLT > Concert for Harambee: conference about Project & Photos by Loredana Loring & Viviana Houston (English and Italian) with live music performances by Viviana Houston
Bunny Isles for Kenya:

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Saturday, november 23rd

Fashion events and charity auctions

- 12.30 PM SLT
Violator - Second Life Fashion World STAND with 2Lei - Exclusive Art Auction
info :

- 1.30 PM SLT
Orage Creation: Don't let him destroy you - Photo Contest

- 2.30 PM SLT
Second Life Fashion World STAND with 2Lei - "One of a Kind" Fashion Auction
info :

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Sunday, november 24th

- 1.00 PM SLT “Consciousness of Freedom”, a journey by telling news stories accompanied by slides of photos about the story, interspersed with songs that will be played by a dancer

- 2.00 PM SLT “FOREVER WOMAN” Multimedia performances for voice and music in the Sniper Siemens Theatre.. actors: Cesare Galli aka LuigiDeFune and Diletta Landi Aka InesDeLaDuende SOLO DONNA:

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Monday, november 25th

- 1.30 PM SLT "THE ADDED VALUE", metaphor for the rebirth of a Woman… 

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